Connecticut Coastal Crusin’

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How’s that for some alliteration? Boom. Connecticut Coastal Crusin’. Try saying that three times fast. Before, I get to Connecticut let’s backtrack to yesterday where I had my last day in New York City. I actually had a few meetings and appointments, believe it or not. I was practically feeling like I worked on the stock market. Except, instead of a suit, I wore one of my two clothing options that I had packed on this trip.

The first meeting was a lunch appointment with the MLB Players Association and the MLB Players Trust. Say what? That’s awesome. They reached out via Twitter and invited me to check out the office. Despite being under rennovation it was still a pretty unbeliveable office. I mean who wouldn’t love to work in an atmosphere surrounded by bobble heads, baseball jerseys, and pennants galore?

The folks at the office were beyond generous and welcoming. It was great to see how different players are stepping up to help so many tremendous causes. The Players Trust even provided me with a few baseballs autographed by Matt Harvey and Dustin Pedroia to auction off in support of Biking for Baseball. Hi5 guys!

I spent the afternoon meandering more though New York and taking in the great city. I had seen most of everything that I had wanted to on this short trip to the Big Apple. However, it was nice to just enjoy the city. People watch. After the many miles of lonesome riding and lonesome nights beneath the stars sometimes it just feels great to be surrounded by other human beings.

I headed out and over to some other MLB Offices across town for a tour of the facilities where all the MLB social media and broadcasting was held. It was an impressive venue, and had a really cool feel to it. Once again, bobbleheads and baseball memorablia lined the cuboards and walls. I even got to check out the MLB Replay Center. Unfotunately, no games were going on at the time, so I was unable to offer my insight in a biased way for the Brewers game.

After having no plans for the evening I decided to walk back from 14th St. all the way back to my hosts Quinn’s place in Upper East Manhattan on 92nd St. That’s five miles. I figured, I could ride the Subway. But I’ve ridden the Subway a number of times already. I wanted to walk Manhattan. Let’s do it. It took me a good while, I saw plenty of unique restaurants and buildings and even walked most of Central Park, but it was a cool experience. I didn’t bike yesterday, so I could use the excercise. I crawled back to the apartment ready to ride, thanks for a great time New York.

Today, I arose early. Packed up. Hit the road, and headed north out of New York. I crossed by Yankee Stadium on my route, an unexpected surprise as I said good bye to New York City. I always knew the east coast had hoards of people, but today’s entire ride which spanned nearly 85 miles consised entirely of city bumped up against city. Google had me on a great route though, which was certainly welcomed with open arms. Safe roads, big bike lanes, and the drivers really know how to handle cyclists. I’ve been very impressed.

I crossed into Connecticut, which is state number 25! Half of the states in the United States I have now pedaled my bike through on this trip. Do you believe it? That’s insane. Most people don’t even get the opportunity to visit 25 different states, let alone bike through all of them!

My host David was incredible. He treated me to some great Pepe’s pizza which claims to be some of the best in the country. Now I haven’t tried every single pizza joint in the country, but the pizza was pretty dang good. I most definitely couldn’t complain. As I stuffed my face, and swallowed a few thousand calories to fuel tomorrow’s ride, I talked with David about the trip and encouraged him to try a bicycle tour himself! He said he’s hoping to get out on one within the next year, and I told him just to get out and do it. There’s a million reasons to put it off, but once you hop on the bike you won’t regret it one bit.

Tonight, I hit the sack and pedal away again tomorrow. It should be a good day of riding with new adventures and experiences awaiting. I can’t wait. Until next time, just keep pedaling.




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