Fenway Festivities

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Well, I’ve made it to Fenway Park. Number 24. Arguably the most historic ballpark in baseball alongside Wrigley Field in Chicago. There’s something special about Fenway, it’s history, it’s environment, and the beauty that it holds. Let’s take a hop, skip and a jump back another few days to hear the full story.

I rode away from New Haven, CT with a new route in mind for my destination of Boston. Initially, google had put me through Connecticut and into Massachusetts. That’s not gonna work. No sir. I wanted to swing through Rhode Island. Because, well, I wanted to cross the state off of my list. So, I altered my route a little bit, and suprisingly it didn’t even add any extra miles. Score!

For the first time, I spent a night in a hotel, when I usually would have camped. I owe another huge thanks to Eric Byrnes and his generousity in volunteering to fund my hotels on nights when I was unable to find hosts. Thanks so much Eric! It really does help, big time! I got some pizza and relaxed sprawled out on my bed. Seriously, it rocked. Way better than being crammed in a tent. Believe it or not, pizza shops won’t deliver to a tent on the side of the road. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I hopped on the bike the next morning to head into Boston and ride into Fenway. I was excited. I was pumped. I was ready to ride. It’s Fenway. Fenway freakin’ Park. I’d never seen Fenway, only on TV and postcards, so I was so, so excited to check it out in person. I rode up to the stadium around noon, entranced at the beauty of the magnificent wonder.


A few minutes later, my dad’s cousin, and family relative Ethyl picked me up at Fenway to take me back for a few off days in Boston! Guess what. I wasn’t gonna be alone in Boston. My family was coming out to visit! That’s right, my younger brother Gabe, my dad, and my mom were all traveling from Wisconsin for the game at Fenway! Woohoo!

Of course, Boston is a city filled with an abundance of history. Not just baseball history. So, Saturday was spent walking around much of Boston and taking in the different historical sights that the city holds. It’s impossible to check out everything in such a short amount of time, but we sure tried our best. We walked almost the entire freedom trail which takes you throughout Boston to the majority of the historical landmarks. It’s always a cool moment to check out historical sights that you’ve learned and read about for so many years. To see them preserved through time is truly unique. The same can be related back to Fenway. To think of the great players who once took that field is really amazing. Just like Paul Revere rode the streets, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams stood at home plate. It’s unbelievable, and makes it so special.

Of course, Sunday was game day. Time to take in Fenway in all it’s glory, all it’s beauty, and watch some basball. The Red Sox really rolled out the red carpet for myself and my family by allowing me to get to the ield early and take in BP. Standing on the field and in the dugout is special in any ballpark. However, in Fenway, it truly is standing alongside the field of dreams. You can’t help but flashback to the black and white footage and imagine the highlights you watched as a kid. The greats who came before you that graced this field.


The game itself was an offensive onslaught. The Marines jumped out to a 7-0 lead. However, the Red Sox didn’t quit, and ultimately ended up tying the game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth at 8-8. Free baseball! At Fenway! Even better! The game ended up going to the 12th when the Mariners took the lead once and for all at 10-8. The atmosphere, the crowd, was all you could ask for. It was Fenway Park. It was the way baseball was supposed to be played. Pure. Baseball.

From climbing the Green Monster, to sitting in the dug out, to enjoying a beer alongside my dad at Fenway Park. It was undoubtedly a day that I will never forget. Ever. It was special in so many ways, some right next to me, some far away. But the people in my life I cherish were with me throughout that ball game. That’s what baseball is all about, enjoying the game we all love with those you love. That’s America’s past time.


Today, I rode close to 100 miles to Amherst, Massachusetts where I’m staing with another family member. A distant cousin, but family is family. Thanks to the entire family for their INCREDIBLE hospitality to my parents, brother, and myself during our stay. Also a huge thanks to Lynne and Chuck who offered to fly my mom out to visit! ALL of you guys rock! Big time!


The¬†hills, I’ve heard are only going to get worse, as I have to traverse the mountains of the Appalachians in upstate NY. Great. Oh well, it’s not like I haven’t ridden over countless mountains already. A few more won’t hurt me! Plus, in a few days, I’ll make it to Cooperstown and the baseball Hall of Fame. Trust me when I say I cannot wait for that! My next update will probably come from there, so stay tuned!

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