Hosting Matt on his journey is the best way to help him stay sane, showered, and fed.


Matt will be cycling ALL summer long and could certainly use your help every step of the way. What better way to meet Matt and be a part of his story, than to host Matt for an evening as he passes through your town!

Hosting is a fun and easy way of donating to the cause while getting to be part of the story on a personal level. And it’s easy to host too!

There are a couple important details to keep in mind however before letting Matt into your house.

  • Matt probably won’t smell very good. Hey it just goes with territory.
  • A warm meal is not required, but of course it won’t be turned down.
  • He asks that you have an indoor place to keep his bike safe for the evening.
Matt Volunteering in Kenya

Please check the schedule below to see if Matt’s route will come by your home. If you’d like to host please submit the form beside and include the specific days you would like to host and the address of your home.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity and will contact you as soon as possible to confirm that your home works with the route and schedule.

I would like to host Matt

What Stops is Matt in Need?

Night Of Ride Starts Ride Ends Miles Confirmed Host
April 7th Seattle Yelm 66 Y
April 8th Yelm Longview 73  Y
April 9th Longview McMinnville 83  Y
April 10th McMinnville Lincoln City 55  Y
April 11th Lincoln City Florence 75  Y
April 12th Florence Coos Bay 50  Y
April 13th Coos Bay Port Orford 50  Y
April 14th Port Orford Crescent City 84  Y
April 15th Crescent City McKinleyville 74  Y
April 16th Mckinleyville Humboldt Redwoods State Park 56  Y
April 17th Humboldt Redwood State Park Fort Bragg 54  Y
April 18th Leggett Mendocino 55  y
April 19th Mendocino Healdsburg 82
April 20th Healdsburg San Francisco 84
April 22nd Palo Alto  y
April 23rd Stay with Dan  y
April 24th GAME DAy BREAK  y
April 25th Menlo Park Hollister 75
April 26th Hollister San Miguel 104
April 27th San Miguel Orcutt 83
April 28th Orcutt Ventura 104
* Ventura Long Beach 91
April 30th Long Beach Encinatas 92
May 1st Encinatas Petco Park 30
May 2nd Petco Park Huntington Beach 104
May 3rd Huntington Beach Dodger Stadium 40
May 4th Dodger Stadium Angel Stadium 40
May 5th Angel Stadium Beaumont 88
May 6th Beaumont ?? No cities 85
May 7th ??? Blythe 85
May 8th Blythe Tonopah 104
May 9th Tonopah Phoenix 55
May 10th Game DAY BREAK  y
May 11th-20th WITH REX AND ADAM  y
May 21st Denver Colorado Springs 86
May 22nd Colorado Springs ?? No cities 85
May 23rd ??? Lamar 85
May 24th Lamar Ulysses 104
May 25th Ulysses ?? No cities 85
May 26th ??? Woodward 85
May 27th Woodward Weatherford 84
May 28th Weatherford Duncan 112
May 29th Duncan Decatur 98
May 30th Decatur Arlington 64
May 31st Game DAY BREAK
June 1st Arlington Mexia 98
June 2nd Mexia College Station 88
June 3rd College Station Houston 98
June 4th Game Day Break
June 5th Houston Trinity 98
June 6th Trinity Palestine 65
June 7th Palestine Willis Point 75
June 8th Willis Point Bonham 68
June 9th Bonham Atoka 64
June 10th Atoka Henryetta 88
June 11th Henryetta Skiatook 71
June 12th Skiatook Coffeyville 65
June 13th Coffeyville Iola 68
June 14th Iola Ottawa 54
June 15th Ottawa Kansas City 68
June 16th Off Day
June 17th Game Day BREAK
June 18th Extra Game versus Brewers!!!
June 19th Kansas City Warrensburg 62
June 20th Warrensburg Boonville 67
June 21st Boonville Hermann 92
June 22nd Hermann Maryland Heights 70.2
June 23rd Maryland Heights St. Louis 18
June 24th Off Day
June 25th Off Day
June 27th St. Louis Murphysboro 98
June 28th Murphysboro Union City 116
June 29th Union City Bolivar 90
June 30th Bolivar Houston 106
July 1st Houston Greensboro 138
July 2nd Greensboro Greenville 101
July 3rd Greenville Outside of Chipley 105
July 4th Outside of Chipley Tallahassee 100
July 5th Tallahassee Old Town 112
July 6th Old Town Inverness 72
July 7th Inverness Lake Wales 100
July 8th Lake Wales Clewistown 108
July 9th Clewistown Miami 93
July 10th Miami Venus 137
July 11th Venus Tampa 120
July 12th Tampa St. Petersburg 20
July 12th St. Petersburg Spring Hill 80
July 13th Spring Hill Old Town 94
July 14th Old Town Quitman (I’ll never quit!!!) 105
July 15th Quitman Perry 129
July 16th Perry Atlanta 117
July 18th Atlanta Cleveland 118
July 19th Cleveland Jamestown 108
July 20th Jamestown Danville 108
July 21st Danville Florence 113
July 22nd Florence Cincinatti 11
July 22nd Cincinatti Cedarville 75
July 23rd Cedarville Mt Vernon 101
July 24th Mt Vernon Cleveland 118
July 25th Cleveland New Brighton 108
July 26th New Brighton Pittsburgh 33
July 27th Pittsburgh Fort Hill 90
July 28th Fort Hill Green Ridge State Forest 85
July 29th Green Ridge State Forest Frederick 90
July 30th Frederick Baltimore 50
July 31st Game Day Break
August 1st Baltimore Washington DC 45
August 2nd Off Day
August 3rd Game day!
August 4th Washington DC North East 104
August 5th North East Philadelphia 58
August 6th Game day BREAK
August 7th Philadelphia Middlesex 64
August 8th Middlesex Yankee Stadium 46
August 9th Game Day BREAK
August 10th Yankee Stadium Citi Field 16
August 11th Off Day
August 12th Citi Field New Haven 90
August 13th New Haven Webster 102
August 14th Webster Boston 58
August 15th Off Day
August 16th Game DAY BREAK
August 17th Boston Amherst 100
August 18th Amherst Schenectady 108
August 19th Schenectady Cooperstown 68
August 20th Off Day
August 21st Off Day
August 22nd Cooperstown Syracuse 83
August 23rd Syracuse Rochester (South part) 90
August 24th Rochester St. Catharines 93
August 25th Off Day
August 26th St. Catharines Toronto 79
August 27th Off Day
August 28th Game DAY BREAK
August 29th Toronto Brantford 71
August 30th Brantford Mt. Brydges 74
August 31st Mt. Brydges New Baltimore 77
September 1st New Baltimore Detroit 37
September 2nd Off Dam
September 3rd Off Day
September 4th Game Day BREAK
September 5th Detroit 20 miles Past Jackson 100
September 6th 20 Miles West of Jackson Sawyer 100
September 7th Sawyer Chicago 85
September 8th Game Day BREAK
September 9th Chicago Kenosha 61
September 10th Kenosha Waterville 67
September 11th Waterville Waunakee 68
September 12th Waterville Reedsburg 43
September 13th Reedsburg Sparta 58
September 14th Sparta Winona (Wisconsin Side) 50
September 15th Winona (Wisconsin side of Mississippi Hager City 67
September 16th Hager City Minneapolis 56
September 17th Off Day
September 18th Off Day
September 19th Game Day BREAK
September 20th Minneaplis Five-Mile Bluff State Natural Area 83
September 21st Five-Mile Bluff State Natural Area Onalaska 63
September 22nd Onalaska Reedsburg 80
September 23rd Reedsburg Cottage Grove 68
September 24th Cottage Grove Waukesha 58
September 25th Waukesha Kenosha 54
September 26th Kenosha Chicago 50
September 27th Game DAY BREAK
September 28th Off day
September 29th Off Day
September 30th Chicago Kenosah 50
October 1st Chicago Milwaukee 50
October 2nd Off Day
October 3rd GAME DAY !
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