B4B launches dingers into the future!

Curious what mentoring looks like? It looks like this. Just hanging out and having fun while making a huge impact on the future of a rad kid.

Biking For Baseball does not currently have any crazy bike rides planned. BUT! that doesn’t mean we are putting in a right fielder to pitch (that’s baseball lingo for giving up). We are still proudly administering our “Little” scholarship and helping 3 mentees navigate higher education.

And of course we’re jamming out kids clinics. This summer 2021 marked the 10th annual B4B clinic with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. Can you believe we’ve been doing this for 10 years!

More information on the scholarship fund can be found on the Scholarship Page Here.

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2021 B4B Kids Clinic!

The 2019 B4B “Little” Scholarship Fund

Curious what this scholarship means to these kids? Watch these 2 minutes.

Launched 2017. The Biking for Baseball “Little” Scholarship Fund aims to reward select mentors and mentees with the gift of higher education.

Mentors with high school age mentees who have shown an ongoing and impact relationship will be eligible to apply for the scholarship and will apply together with the Mentor working with Biking for Baseball to administer the award.

More information on the scholarship fund can be found on the Scholarship Page Here.

In addition to the scholarship fund. Some donations will go to continuing Biking For Baseball’s core program of increasing the visibility and impact of mentoring programs across the country.

Interested in seeing what a B4B event looks like? Visit the About B4B page.

100% of donations go to Biking For Baseball programs.

All staff and board positions are volunteer.

Biking For Baseball is a Colorado 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity. All contributions are tax deductible.
Contributions of over $200 will receive a tax receipt for their records.
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2019 B4B 'Little' Scholarship
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