UPDATE 7-10: Tim is back home in Chicago with is family. He is now focused on the long process of rehab and recovery. Your support and well-wishes have been incredible and without a doubt have been an incredible help to morale.

Tim remains focused on his goals of funding the scholarship he had been riding for all year. You can read more about the scholarship including how to apply on the Scholarship Page.

Update June 17: Tim is OK. But he’s in rough shape. On Thursday June 15th Tim was struck by an F-150 on Alabama Route 86 about 40 miles outside of Tuscaloosa. He was rushed to DCH Medical Center in Tuscaloosa before being transferred to UAB Birmingham due to the severity.

Tim has a burst fracture in his lower back as well as a (minor) broken neck, minor fractures up his spine, a fracture in his face, a significant number of teeth are gone, and his face is scraped up real good. He was admitted into surgery Friday afternoon to fuse vertebrae T11 to L3. The six hour procedure went well and he is in good spirits and will be cared for at the University of Birmingham Hospital. He will be heading back to Chicago this week and recovering with his parents for the next few months.

Regretfully, Tim’s journey to bike all 30 this season is over.

But his endeavor continues. Tim remains the captain of B4B 2017 and his goals of raising money to establish a scholarship for mentees hoping to pursue a higher education remains intact.

There has been an a wonderful outpouring of support and well-wishes from Tim’s friends, family, as well as both the biking and baseball communities.

The most common question has overwhelmingly been, “what can I do?” To which Tim has made the following statement:

” This trip has been absolutely incredible. I can’t say how devastated I am that this is how it ends. The places, stories, but especially the wonderful people I’ve met across the country has made this adventure amazing. For those wanting to help and show their support, I ask the same thing I have all summer; first consider becoming a mentor and volunteering some of your time to help your community and be a good influence in a kid’s life, and second consider donating to the cause and helping us get this scholarship funded.

And thank you for the unbelievable support you all have shown me all summer and especially though this ordeal,”

-Tim Lalla

Meet Tim – Your 2017 B4B Rider!

Tim Lalla, a 24 year old Chicago native, will be road cycling to all 30 Major League ballparks this summer encouraging you to volunteer to become a mentor!

Along the way Tim will be catching a game and meeting fans at every MLB park and raising money for Biking for Baseball programs and the B4B Little Scholarship Fund!

He needs your help! Follow and reach out via Twitter, IG, and Facebook. Meet him for a ballgame. Ask him why you should volunteer your time to become mentor! And if you’re able, Donate!

This Is A Serious Bike Ride

Total Mileage
$ 0
Fundraising Goal
Mentees All the Way Through College!

Donations Raised So Far!

Whats This Ride About?

Tim wants to send 2 kids to college!

Tim is self-funding his entire ride. Which means every dollar donated to Biking for Baseball goes to programs. Those programs are ongoing B4B kids clinics and mentor recruitment as well as the B4B Little Scholarship Fund.

New for 2017, the B4B Little Scholarship fund aims to work with both Mentors and Mentees together to celebrate their relationship by helping send the Mentee to college!

By hitting his Fundraising goal of $160,000. Tim and Biking for Baseball will be able to cover the costs to get 2 kids to get all the way through a 4 year undergraduate program while working alongside their mentor to make sure the kid gets the continued support needed to excel all the way from application to graduation.

Tim’s 2017 ride marks the 3rd ‘Big Ride’ endeavor by Biking for Baseball. In 2012 the founding team of 4 riders conquered the ride and in 2015 Matt Stoltz took over and hit all 30 solo. Both big rides and numerous regional team rides have all been in support of Biking For Baseball’s mission to promote and advocate for the importance of mentors in kids’ lives.

The rides gain attention, then Biking for Baseball brings it home with clinics that bring Mentors and Mentees together for an afternoon of playing ball, energizing their relationship and showcasing what mentoring looks like to potential new volunteers.

To date Biking for Baseball has hosted over 50 clinics nation wide, had a hands on impact with over 1,000 kids and their mentors, and recruited countless new mentors to take a look at what volunteering looks like.

Tim and Matt - Your B4B 2015 Rider!


B4B Clinic #51 - Kansas City 2016


Getting To Know Tim!

Tim Lalla, is a 24 year old engineer from Orland Park Illinois. He will be taking the helm and embarking on The Big Ride during the summer of 2017. But who is Tim? Lets find out.

Tim first contacted the B4B team early in Matt’s 2015 ride and has shown tremendous initiative to lay the groundwork of planning and preparation for The Big Ride. During the summer of 2016 he did every mile of the team ride from Chicago to KC and has been chomping-at-the-bit for 2017. Tim will be stepping away from his position as an engineer with Mortenson construction where he’s earned the nickname; Timmy The Turbine.

No stranger to The Pastime, Tim has spent every summer since he was 12 umpiring games.

Tragically, Tim was born with a severe case of total color blindness. Resulting in a complete absence of any ability to see colors. Naturally this led him down the path of becoming a White Sox fan. (This is not true, Tim can see just fine. Though he is a White Sox fan and we like to poke fun at him for it)

Tim’s personal reasons for riding lie with the two best mentors he has had in his life: his parents. Despite his dad battling Parkinson’s for the last 15 years, his parents have shown just how important it is to have strong, positive role models as a kid. And on top of that, they’re huge baseball fans (albeit the worst kind: Cubs fans)

Tim Lalla: Man/Myth/Legend


How Can You Help?


Like, tweet, share, follow, and cheer on Tim as he pushes through the summer! 11,000 miles is a long way, trust us he needs your support.

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Go be a great influence in a kids life! Its not hard to do and just a few hours a month can go a long way to helping make a huge influence in a kids life. Need help getting started? Check out these awesome organizations or seek out a local mentoring organization in your town. They’ll love to hear from you we promise.


Every donation goes a long way to help us make an impact with youth through the power of rewarding mentoring relationships! Help Biking for Baseball send some deserving kids to college and  continue to hit a home run for kids!

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