The Final Countdown

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN! Bah duh duh DAH! Duh duh dA DUh! Three. Count them. Three days remain in this trip of a lifetime. Absolutely crazy. Unbelievable. After 177 days on the road, [...]

Familiar Faces

I’ve been biking through my homeland these past few days, treking through the great state of Wisconsin has been an absolute blast. Along this route, I’ve also been able to see a good [...]

Motown Magic

Another ballpark is crossed off the list. Twenty-six down. Four more to go. Can you believe it? It seemed like just yesterday I was a vitamin D deficient Wisconsin boy hopping aboard a train [...]

Back in the U.S. of A.!

Welcome back to the USA. I’ve officially brought the tour back into the United States after spending the last week riding and hanging out in our friendly Canadian neighbors to the north. It [...]

Fenway Festivities

Well, I’ve made it to Fenway Park. Number 24. Arguably the most historic ballpark in baseball alongside Wrigley Field in Chicago. There’s something special about Fenway, it’s [...]